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Practice Areas

Labor and Employment

Criminal Defense

Family Law

Commercial Litigation

Personal Injury

Medical Malpractice

Elder Abuse

Probate and Guardianship

Public Records



  • Forensic analysis of computers, networks and mobile devices

  • Cell tower analysis, including call detail records and history

  • Subpoena and legal process assistance

  • Audio and video enhancement

  • Expert witness testimony

  • Electronic evidence consulting

  • Computer crime case case review

  • E-discovery consulting

    • Planning (including assistance prepareing for and participating in discovery meering, i.e., Rule 26(f) conferences)

    • Technology assistance

    • Collection

    • Processing (including de-duplication, de-nisting, advanced searching)

  • Technology interpretation

    • Bridging the gap between technology and the law

  • Social media investigation

We perform a wide variety of digital forensics and technology related services, including cell tower analysis, computer and mobile forensics, e-discovery and social media investigation.

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