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Most discoverable information today is primarily maintained in an electronic format. The discovery of electronically stored information (ESI) provides many benefits, including the ability to organize data and conduct targeted searches based on text, metadata, and associated information. At the same time, the discovery of ESI is potentially expensive, burdensome, and the cause of unreasonable delay.


Mr. Sawicki’s background in computer forensics and experience with the civil discovery process as an attorney can help simplify e-discovery. Mr. Sawicki counsels counsels clients on e-discovery protocols, litigation hold issues, preservation, collection, review and practices that control e-discovery costs.


FDC can assist in planning for e-discovery, including discovery conferences, as well as deposition and interrogatory strategy. In addition, FDC can employ sophisticated e-discovery tools and techniques to reduce massive data sets to a more manageable size, thereby lowering the cost of processing and review, and improving the production of relevant documents.

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