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As a digital forensics examiner, Mr. Sawicki investigates computer evidence related to criminal cases, civil matters, employment matters, and other investigations. He assists attorneys, corporations, law enforcement officials and individuals in collecting, analyzing, documenting, and presenting electronic evidence, including cases where the data may appear to be deleted, lost or corrupted. Mr. Sawicki is able to locate and identify evidence that can be crucial to a case.


  • Commercial Litigation – Deleted voicemail messages detailing a scheme to defraud a company were recovered from employee cell phones. Recovered messages were preserved and documented for trial.


  • Criminal Defense – A computer used by a suspect alleged to have downloaded child pornography was examined and the hard drive was analyzed. Electronic evidence was collected, including the computer  registry, event logs and metadata. Analysis of the electronic evidence  resulted in the development of a timeline to determine whether other individuals could have used the suspect’s computer.


  • Employment Law – A computer used by an organization’s manager was examined to determine whether he had engaged in potentially unlawful surveillance of organization employees.


  • Social Media Investigation – Social media usage of a plaintiff in a civil case was analyzed to determine whether he had been engaging in activities that conflicted with his claims of injury. Results of analysis were documented for trial.










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