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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q:  Is computer forensic analysis expensive?


A:  It really depends on the particular situation, the device involved, and the services requested.  For example, in some cases, we can extract text messages from cell phones for a few hundred dollars.  Other cases require more intensive analysis and take more time.  Obviously, that increases the expense of the project.  However, we try to give a good faith estimate of work to be performed and stick to that estimate.



Q:  Is my case too small to interest you?


A:  Not at all.  Even small cases can be incredibly important, and we’re certainly interested in helping any time we can. Give us a call. We’d be happy to talk about your specific situation.



Q: Can’t I have my client’s IT department handle the computer?


A: In some instances you certainly can have an IT department handle some tasks related to electronic evidence. However, very few IT departments are trained in properly handling evidence that may have to be admitted in court, let alone testifying about it. We’d be happy to have a conversation about your electronic evidence and how it should be handled.











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