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We perform a wide variety of digital forensics and technology related services, including cell tower analysis, computer and mobile forensics, e-discovery and social media investigation.



  • Forensic analysis of computers, networks and mobile devices

  • Cell tower analysis, including call detail records and history

  • Subpoena and legal process assistance

  • Audio and video enhancement

  • Expert witness testimony

  • Electronic evidence consulting

  • Computer crime case case review

  • E-discovery consulting

    • Planning (including assistance prepareing for and participating in discovery meering, i.e., Rule 26(f) conferences)

    • Technology assistance

    • Collection

    • Processing (including de-duplication, de-nisting, advanced searching)

  • Technology interpretation

    • Bridging the gap between technology and the law

  • Social media investigation

Practice Areas

Labor and Employment

Criminal Defense

Family Law

Commercial Litigation

Personal Injury

Medical Malpractice

Elder Abuse

Probate and Guardianship

Public Records

Electronic Evidence Consultiong:  Bridging the Gap Between Technology and the Law

John Sawicki founded Forensic Data Corp in 2011, to provide computer forensics  services to organizations in Florida.  Today, FDC provides computer forensics, e‑discovery and data recovery services to companies, law firms, and government agencies throughout the southeastern United States.


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